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How to complete Wrecker and Warrior Achievements

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  • How to complete Wrecker and Warrior Achievements

    I noticed towards the bottom of the achievement list the achievements wrecker and warrior with the task to destroy 50 buildings and 100 enemy troops respectively. Their status are both at 0 despite me having destroyed troops and buildings in defense and attacking. I have also tried removing buildings via gems but the counter still doesn't go up. What am I doing wrong?

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    See in my posts I have the same request

    Stalled achievements in general
    by the way I don't really think this post should be in here
    It's a bug definitely
    By the way the support has already assured that this problem will be fixed
    which I'm waiting for
    Pls pls pls launch it
    leroy CASTIEL
    I have already mailed the support about this VagueText ...


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      Ah, I see, alright then.