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  • Level 23

    Level 23 is a hard level if anyone has a way to beat it with Athena, hades, poseidon (who is my most powerful) and Hermes, please let me know.

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    Need a lot more information. What is your level. The level of your gods , are you trying to take down the whole base or just temples. Here’s how I would try. Drop Athena on gold add Zeus and slow take both Apollo and Zeus temples drop Hermès and regroup. Now drop posy and take blue. Hades and take red. Then taking Athena Zeus and Hermès out of regroup get green and pink. The big thing is keep trying your gods get stronger and your skills increase. Should be able to finish the campaign. It goes to 25. Around level 60-65
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      Proudly at level 65 here and moving up. Quite tough, loving the challenge.

      I always take time off towing tasks to work on this amazing game!

      Tiesto, Richmond.