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  • Monotheism / Amazon / Longshot Achievements

    Out of curiosity, has anyone managed to do those Achivements ? 300 batles to be won with only 1 God looks pretty impossible to me .. . Please share your , thoughts, views and experiences . Ty

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    Intentionally lose enough to put your offensive trophies in the toilet and it's pretty easy to win with 1 god. I've never done it since it takes time and the gems are meaningless to me, but I know several who were working on it and assume they've done it.
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      Had a couple teammates(former) who completed did it (just because they like achievements). Not really a test of skill or growth.

      It's more of an arduous love of account mutilation to maintain a one god base killer. Neither person who completed it really came back to play the game as normal. In fact the team was kind of put-off because they preferred we didn't assist them so they could lose more often.

      It's hard to have the team battle for trophies and alliance rank only to have a few players trying to lose on purpose so they can complete this silly achievement. But hey, they are friends, so you deal with it.


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        It’s best done early. And u do it with Artemis as she gets credit for all three achievements. I know several who have done it.


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          Maybe they should make the weekly challenges applicable for this, so atleast there is some,some chance of slowly but surely completing the achievement

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            thank you for the replies . Droping trophies requires time and a huge amount of nectar. don't see either any other possible way on achieving those . try doing it early on in the game will not be easy at all as Gods are really weak in early stages of the game . Only Artemis and Aphro qualify for all 3 achievements and both of them are pretty fragile .

            Aditya Atre , that's a very good idea . If Aphrodite charms troops in clock challenges , those troops are counted for the Presuader Achievement . that's a clear discrimination in favour of that achievement )).

            Looks like doing all the achievements , not such an easy task after all..