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In your opinion, what is the best monument?

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  • In your opinion, what is the best monument?

    I have yet to unlock any monuments, but I am coming close to some of them, and I was wondering which monuments in your opinion are the best. I'm liking the Aphrodite Monument and I would like to call that the best monument just from what it does, but I don't actually have these monuments to the point where I can test them to see how good they are. How good is the Aphrodite Monument?

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    Well bro im suggesting ATHENA'S monument because when you start playing the game what you need is HOPLITES. Then im suggesting Aphrodites because it can charm more units which equal more units . Then im suggesting ares monument because his monument will summon Acolipes , (Uncharmable , Strong unit ) , Then im suggesting Apollo monument because it will destroy a lot of enemy units wuth FIRE BALLS . NEXT, Hera monument to summon "Exploding units " . THEN HADE's monu , next im suggesting Artemis then zues . 《 because I think that artemis is stronger than zues monument :/
    ( My opinino )

    Hope this helps .


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      Depends on what level you are, look at your attackers, do they generally get to summon a lot of units through Athena and Aphrodite? Then Aphrodite would be good to turn them, or Appolo would be good to blast them.
      If they don't really do that, then the Athena monument is good because those hoplites are quite strong and will provide pressure on the gods.

      From what I have read I think most people rate Athena highly for low level players, it was the first monument I bought, and it made my base so much better.

      But my advice is to watch your defensive replays and see what your opponents do mostly, and then pick the monument that would best counter that.
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        Madcarrot that could work too


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          My favorite monument is still Hera then Hades, I like troops that can't be charmed. Now when I attack on my little account the first monument I try to destroy is Aphrodite's but that's because I slow push and she is my strongest god.
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            Aphrodite's can be a real pain especially if your alliance mates decide to suddenly join you and drop tents everywhere, then it becomes your top priority to take it down. By far, the best monument out there.

            Athena's and Ares' are just there to feed Ares Bloodlust (they will be likely destroyed after that by a giant-rampaging Ares in two or three hits).

            Apollo's can hurt your gods pretty bad if you let it intact for too long. Artermis' is okay (meh).

            Not sure about Zeus', Hades' and Hera's monutments I've yet to unlock them.
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              Generally, I find the hera and zeus monuments to be the most annoying ones against me. Of course the aphro monument is the worst "when there are defenders".


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                Aries monument all the way !!! ruins me every time


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                  I'm with Arya. I longshot that bastard first, before I even look for the Aphro monument. Those Ares men are brutal, especially after you level the monument up a little bit and place a few red houses around it. Athena's is a good first monument.

                  I don't have the Aphro momument (have Athena's, Ares' and Hera's, I'm level 62 or 63), but from what I have seen, it has to be leveled up quite a bit to make a real difference. It's kinda useless if only a few soldiers are affected by the love vibe, and leveling up a monument costs A LOT of stone. Think I'm going for Artemis' next because I hate seeing one when I'm attacking somebody- those arrows are vicious.
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                    I hate Apollo and Artemis when they have green/red houses and decided to lock onto my gods instead of my spawned troops.


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                      Just my thoughts...
                      1. Aphrodite - limits the options available to drop assist troops
                      2. Hades - produces units which can't be charmed
                      3. Apollo - produces area of effect damage
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                        My monu unlock order is(and it worked very well for me) was: Athena, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Aphro, Hades, and finally Hera. only switch I'd make is switching Hera and Hades order, but good luck whatever you choose.


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                          arte aphro apollo hera ares zeus hades athena. order in priority bases. unlock wisely.
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                            I actually don't really rate Aphrodite at the lower level; even still (I'm about 1300 defensive trophies and level 61) I don't see it making a big difference in my base, most people target me by using long shot/wrath and just blowing out my middle, but when I win by defenses it's almost always because they have been overwhelmed by my unit spawners.

                            I think what is the best monument it much dependent upon what stage you are in the game. I found at the lower levels that the Athena monument was a massive pain and could often help in overwhelming me. Nowadays it's there and is a good building still, but it's impact on me offensively is nowhere near what it was. As a slow pusher it's the Apollo, Hera and Aphrodite monuments that are the most annoying.

                            For defence, Athena was the first monument that I unlocked, and it used to do heaps of damage, now that my base has gotten bigger the area of influence of the Athena monument has gotten smaller in contrast to the entire base, so my Ares monument has now become my best damager because it still is able to spawn units to gods anywhere in my base.

                            So I would say the best monument to get is based upon what stage you are in the game at the moment, if you are high level then go with Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares monuments, if you are a lower level then go with the Athena monument, maybe Artemis also would be good for lower levels as it would be more likely to be focused on the gods than on spawners and has a decent damage.

                            I don't recommend getting Aphrodite until you are either a reasonably high level player or you have most of the other monuments. Mine is being wasted at the moment because my opponents don't spawn many troops, and most of the time don't have any assisters.
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                              when i was a lower level I didn't understand the zeus mon.... but it is the best hands-down

                              give it damage and range bonuses and watch it tear Artemis a new one lol

                              getting to the back row of gods is incredibly hard, especially with the changes to VW... so the zeus mon can get in there. a lot of players don't realize what it is going to do... so if you can conceal it by keeping it in range but not too close to the assets you think will be getting targeted first... then it will do a lot of damage.

                              aphro mon can also be your best performer in a defense, but players usually target it early.