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    Hi everyone,

    I currently only have 2 alliance abilities, the Hades' skeletons and Zeus' zappy thing.

    However I know that other gods also have units and so I am wondering what the difference is between them. I have a default melee unit which I think everyone has, my skeletons are also melee. What's the difference between them?
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    I'm not aware of any official stats for the assist powers currently but there are some general differences.

    You are correct everyone has the default archers and melee (Hopolites)

    Hopolites (H) and Skeletons (S):

    Health H>S
    Speed H<S
    Dps H>S (I think)
    Spawn Size H<S

    Hoplites will engage closest troop and highly distracted by pretty much everything.
    Skeletons will engage closest target until it dies or is destroyed when spawned then engage next closest target ignoring everything else that may come between and repeat.

    H -Yes
    S -No Vulnerable to Reanimation

    Other assist powers:
    This isn't detailed but gives a general idea.
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      Hades = skeletons . not charmable
      Hera = Revenge Troops not charmable
      Aeres= Acolytes . not charmable
      zeus= Lightning
      Apollo= Healing
      Aphrodite= Awe . small amount of enemy troops are blinded
      Athena= Tents Hoplites
      Artemis=Tents Archers

      The most usefull troops are Heras revenge troops they cannot be charmed and give off a small explosion when they are killed . useful against building as well as troops. If placed in a swarm not only do they fight but cause further damage to the troops when they explode. Skeletons are useful as they cause distraction to enemy troops. Acolytes are powerful but there are not enough of them on a drop.Tents provide extra troops but these can be charmed so i seldom use. Lightning is more of a defensive weapon than offensive. Heal also is defensive when u are assisting someone and can heal a temple before it falls . usually at the end of a battle. Have never used awe

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        Exactly . You can also buy them when you've reached the level required to buy them


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          Cool thanks guys that's all really helpful :-)
          "Legion of Tartarus". They're so hot right now