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Anyone have advice on leading an Alliance?

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    Originally posted by Fanusen View Post

    Yeah, immediately after I posted I realized that I may have been a tad bit late on it πŸ˜‚
    Haha.. All fun!! ​​​​​​


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      Congrats on ur new alliance, running an alliance should be fun but I also believe in assist for captains but not for generals like u said they are β€œyour rock”
      For any new alliance I would wait to promote in the beginning you get filled to 100 rather quickly since your alliance gets placed in the recommended when players are looking. But in a very short time you will see a huge drop in players.
      Now make sure your rules are always posted, from bad language, to promotions requirements. Good luck in your alliance! I’m sweet Nikki from genesis and the game should be fun always keep that in mind.
      A fun,active alliance Genesis 😊 Try us out


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        Sweetmai off topic but would like to give a shoutout/ have you relay to your alliance as a whole my congrats. i have more trouble with you guys than anyone else but maybe High Command. Always at least 3 defs when i attack and have seen 10+ many a time...GRRRRRR. Great job tho, and if I didn't love my peeps in shock n awe i'd probably have visited a long time ago!