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Is that a strategy in this game?

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  • Is that a strategy in this game?

    just saw the funniest thing.,maybe this is normal for this game. I revenged a player while they attacked me and rather than that alliance helping him attack they went onto defense. He lost his attack and missed out on 180k potential more gold. They won his defense and got him only 40k more gold and higher defense cups.whats the strategy there?

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    I have no idea pal hahaha. I haven't thought about that yet


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      I don't believe a specific strategy is at play there.
      Often when an alliance is active, several attacks launch at the same time. Helpers are then split with decisions as to whom to assist, maybe he just got unlucky when he attacked your base, and no-one joined him.
      However there are a lot of people in that alliance, so when you attack back, he shouts .... 'defend me' and a whole bunch jump to his aid
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