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Hello (ancient) World (of mythological Greece)!

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  • Hello (ancient) World (of mythological Greece)!

    Hi, all,

    Currently at level 66 (around 3100/3200 trophies); been playing the game for the last couple of months; been reading this forum for the same period ot time; enjoyed the update (tougher attacks, but also stronger defenses, so it levels up - I enjoy and welcome "change", contrary to some); planning to keep regularly playing until fed up ;-).

    Have a couple of ideias I would like to share with the comunity, but have to organize thoughts first.

    See you around.

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    Welcome to the forum and the game Warlord.


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      Thank you, Holly!

      I'm going to start posting ideias for debate/discussion in the appropriate section, if you don't mind. Some of them won't be new (hopefully a minority), many are still in embrionary stage (haven't thought them through), but I think the concept of brainstorming - community brainstorming, that is - is always an excellent start in these matters. Excuse my poor use of english - not my native lang.
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        A glimpse of my base, as of yesterday.

        The Ares monument is currently spawning >11.000 health acolytes... :-)
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          For the record, reached 3500 trophies just after getting at level 71 (3%) . I was sort of hoping to achieve that during level 70, but things didn't go so well. A lot of disastrous attacks, sometimes four defeats in a row (I'm really lousy at it - hehe) got me below 3400 somewhere along the path (shame, shame, shame...). I still get a kick from successful defenses, specially against higher level players, and I guess they helped a lot in this case.
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