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TiK2112 In game: Maximus

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  • TiK2112 In game: Maximus

    Hey guys, just reaching out to the community in an effort to expand public relations ;]

    Check my status/profile to see the games i play, and if we have anything in common maybe I'll log in and meet you for some Co-op!
    Many are not mentioned because of a character limitation, hopefully this forum will be expanded when it becomes more popular and our profiles can be more in depth. Until then, hit me up @ Alliance ANARCHY
    Too bad there is no global chat in game, i suspect that will be something to come in due time when the game gets on its feet.
    Advertisement is key gentleman, best of luck Gods of Olympus team

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    Good luck, Tik2112. Are you playing on a navy cruiser? Hush, do not let others detect your locations. On a second thought, your alliance can be called Battleship Galactica ~