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  • I am greenicus

    I know, I know... you've all been wondering... when is Greenie gonna introduce himself.
    Well, here I am and here are 7 things you should know about me.

    1. I AM NOT FAT. I heard a rumor that good ole' Reiny over in Butterballs called me a fatty... I have put on 15 pounds since my wife and I had our second kid...... so I BLAME MY CHILDREN.
    2. I have nicknames for everyone in Suckerballs except for Arya (Cuz that's a dope name). Raph = Raphy. Reinhart = Reiny. xGREEKNEXXxx = Greeky. You get the picture. There is one exception.
    Good ole JUGGERNAUT is simply Juggs McJuggerton.
    3. I like Oreos. A lot. If there was quadruple stuffed it would already be in my belly.
    4. Itsjustnate is my clan buddy. Wherever he goes. I go. You mess with Nate, you mess with me. I WILL SEND 2 ACO'S REPEATEDLY TO YOUR DOORSTEP IF YOU MESS WITH NATE.
    5. I like to copy bases. Because I mega suck at building my own. I'll spend an hour and a half and 100 gems later, and boom 0-9. Then i go copy Malakas's or Prometheus base in sadness. I feel bad for good ole' Greeky. He tries new bases too and then ends up copying Arya. I feel like we're in a race to see who can build a worse base.
    6. I almost beat Raphman once. My long shot arrow was in the air on the final temple and time expired.... I mourned my loss by eating many many oreos (double stuffed of course). Side note, Serving size for oreos is 3?! Are you kidding me. How about 3 sleeves.
    7. Shoot, I'm not correctly selling the point about not being fat... I'm also running out of things to say... Skol Vikings. Sam Bradford, please don't get injured week 1. We need you.


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    Lol greenie you make me laugh, enjoy your posts muchly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜


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      Sam Bradford makes me cry My nickname for him is derpy.


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        So touching....


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          Bring back Greenicus!1!


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            Your posts are awesome lolz.


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              Dominant Few.. ✌🏻