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Travelling to attack, assist and defenduniver

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  • Travelling to attack, assist and defenduniver

    I believe that each player is in a different universe, and the nectar is a barrier.

    To travel to another universe, you'll have to break through the nectar. The Gods usually break through a lot of nectar, but it'll have to be replenished by your own nectar to stop both universes from being destroyed. When you are taking revenge, the nectar just got replaced, which means the process to replace the nectar is still really fast. This means you don't have to use as much nectar, because it's being replaced faster.

    If there are more than five Gods on the battlefield, both universes get destroyed.

    The troops sent in to assist have to break through the nectar barrier, and it's placed in your universe.

    Alliances are magical connections between universes, created by a single universe. Any universe can choose to join as long as they meet the requirements.

    I know my theory is very flawed and it doesn't make sense. If you gave any better ideas to explain the travelling, please tell us.

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    I think this is correct.


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      what have you been using?