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Heroes Update: "Patron Focus" and New Hero Ideas

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  • Heroes Update: "Patron Focus" and New Hero Ideas

    ok so heroes have been getting some hate for being too op, so i have a new update idea
    So basically each hero has its own god as its "patron". A hero will protect their patron god's temple and the buildings around it. it can be called "Patron Focus".

    Patrons for Each Current Hero:

    Hercules - Zeus
    Atalanta - Artemis
    Perseus - Hermes
    Theseus - Poseidon
    Odysseus - Athena
    Adonis - Aphrodite
    Paris - Apollo
    Achilles - Ares

    New Hero Ideas

    Jason: Attacks with a sword and has the Golden Fleece draped on his back. The Golden Fleece can boost the boost effects of temples. His patron is Hera.
    Orpheus: Plays from his lyre. His lyre is his weapon, so when he plays notes he shoots tiny beams to attack. His power is "Extinction". He can play his lyre and stop enemies from spawning any soldiers/entities (except for gods), for a short time. His patron is Hades.