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Underworld god monuments

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  • Underworld god monuments

    I think it would be pretty awesome if the underworld gods had monuments like the Olympus gods. When I say monument I mean like Poseidons monument that spans the fishes or the Apollo one that shoots the sun things.
    Persaphone’s could be like the Aphrodite one just with health. The Tisaphone one could shoot ice balls at incoming enemy units or shoot icicles. Alecto’s could summon fire ball units that would burn nearby enemy units when they die. Magera could summon poison soldiers that would explode when dead and damage nearby units. For Cerberus’s he could shoot teeth like Artemis’s Or boost defense of the units. Charon could send out water from the river Styx that jumps enemy units.

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    I think underworld monuments have to reflect underworld gods' abilities like overworld. So maybe healing or boost strength of surrounding units for Persephone, Magaera could shoot area of poison, Cerberus could attract units so the attacker's hoplites or skeletons in its range would be close to useless, and Charon could ofc summon Shades or distract units within its range.