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  • New Weekly Event Suggestion

    So I got a suggestion for a new weekly event/challenge. The one I have figured can either be an arena challenge or a conquest.
    Name: Inverse Challenge.
    1) Conquest Inverse challenge: The Gods's powers become the special buildings powers, and vice versa. For example, the Poseidon temple can shoot water blasts and waves at enemies when they get in a certain range of when the temple is harmed. While Poseidon can provide shields to gods and spawn tritons. The number of tritons and strength will depend on the level. So overall, the temples will be primary god powers and the monument will make up the ultimate. And vice versa.
    2) Inverse arena challenge: A group of gods will be guarding something, like another god or a temple(s). The goal will be to capture/destroy that god or temple or whatever it is using monuments and temples. Monuments can cost like 200-300 stones and the temples will be for 500-1000 stones. You can't place a monument until the temple related to it is already active.

    ​​​​​​​That's it...Feel free to point out loopholes, mistakes, and whatever you think I might not like being pointed out. I've been known to make mistakes.

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    uh it's a bit confusing. Also, I hope they will do another solo challenge soon.