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    Hey, so i was thinking if Hephaestus was in the game what would his powers be? And i came up with this, (for those who don't know Hephaestus is the Greek god of blacksmithery and fire.)

    Appearance: About as muscular as Ares with a some scruffy brown hair and a brown beard and a grey toga.

    Health and damage: so he would have a little less health then Poseidon, and a decently powerful attack (his attack would be maybe sending fire out of his hands or using a giant flaming war hammer.)

    First ability: he could spawn in a Greek fire tower within range of him and it's level would depend on the level of the ability.

    Second ability: he could spawn what is basically a fire tornado that rages across the base for a certain amount of time.

    Third ability: he starts a fire on a target within range and the fire spreads across the base for a certain range (level of ability will determine the range damage and how long it lasts) doing decent damage, but it can also set fire to troops nearby the buildings that are on fire and they would take burn damage and run around in terror unable to fight until the fire goes away or they die.

    House: when destroyed a fiery mist surrounds the area where the house once was dealing damage to whoever comes into it, (damage and time it lasts depend on house level.)

    Temple: when destroyed it heals all of the buildings touching it, (temple

    Monument: summons powerful fire elementals (basically soldiers made of fire, look it up if you want) who cause a small fire affect dealing small amount of fire damage for a very small time until the target dies or time runs out.

    Environment: Volcanic.

    Alliance Power: Set a small group of enemies on fire making them take small fire damage for a short amount of time.

    thanks for reading!
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    hephaestus isnt a new god idea, but i like how you've actually worked out a full setup for him. sounds good and fairly well balanced


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      Also when i said (temple, i meant heal to the other buildings depends on temple level, can't edit it now though.


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        This is amazing i think it would be really cool if the developers used your idea


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          I think the temple and house should boost the defenses someway instead


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            Nice idea bro.....What if one of his powers was to summon fire from above?
            I mean, in my opinion, i would really like to see Zeus summoning lightning from the sky and hephaestus summoning fire 😋🥵