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    Cherry pie
    where are you little fishys


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      Originally posted by Hercules View Post
      To be honest , I have have a notebook full of ideas . Some I share here but the others I keep for myself . I want to create an YouTube channel of gods of Olympus , where I can share them all . Sometimes I wonder if sharing them here is even a good idea , I mean , I barely get any replies , likes oranything . Castiel said that they read every post made here but Ni find that hard to believe. I sended Ametyist some messages a long time ago but hasn't been answered , then I sended Castiel some too but in vain . . My question of what PVR means hasn't been answered yet nor others . Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate But I still share the here and try to be as active here as possible , every hour I'm logging in to see if I get new notifications , or to see what you guys posted , my main goal is to make GoO a better game and to make it more fun 😀 , so I share them hopping that one day they will be unleashed
      I personally did not understand your question
      if you can clarify a little more?
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