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An Idea for Poseidon (concept)

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  • An Idea for Poseidon (concept)

    Support God

    There is only 1 god that is fully a support
    Poseidon as a god of the seas, water, eartquakes, horses woud sound and fit as a support!!!

    Ability Ideas:

    1. Healing Water : Poseidon throws a bubble in a target posision slightly healing all alies incased in it!!! The bubble leaves cracks in the earth slowing down all units walking in it!!! Slow effect doesn't increase with ability lvl...

    2. Shaking earth: Poseidon unleashes a earthquake by smashing his trident in the
    earth!!! During the earthquake all enemy defences and troops have a slowed down walk speed oalso do less damage!!!

    3. Horse spirit : Poseidon casts horse spirits throught all gods giving them 10% more movment speed and 10% attack speed!!!

    House and Temple:

    Gives ability to weaken enemy gods!!!

    Aliance Ability : Decreses enemy's movment speed in a small radius!!! Apears as a lake or shaking earth!!!

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    I am new to the forums and I woud like to know if u guys like my ideas!!!


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      Welcome to the forums Onion dip!!!


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        Looks good! It is the first time I see someone suggesting Poseidon without adding the Kraken.


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          I don't like the Kraken concept since Hades can summon cerebus It woud make the game less fun!!!
          But they r brothers and Zeus is their brother and he coud summon but It woud still make uniqe gods playstile diffrent sinxe every god has a diffrent playstile


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            Months ago I suggested Kraken as ultimate for Poseidon. The Kraken would be summoned in an empty tile only, erupting from a geyser and it would emerge as an stationary offensive tower striking things around it with its tentacles for the duration of the effect or until it is "killed" just like cerberus.