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    Originally posted by Unspeakable1
    Hestia 3rd Power suggestion:

    Sacred Hearth: boosts all alliance powers' effectiveness for a moderate duration (less than Zeus time stop but more than UW Hades Requiem), somewhere roughly +1%/ lv of power.

    Or would this be too OP?
    I like this one


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      Originally posted by Mateius

      That could be like a second or first ability thing, even though I think her three abilities are good as they right now
      May be just me though

      Here is the Demeter so far:
      Appearance: Hair golden like the wheat, with a crown of (wheat?) on her head
      Hazel or light brown eyes
      Same skin tone as Artemis
      Same outfit as Artemis but instead of the green stripes, they are dark golden brown, and the chiton (I think) itself is very very light green.
      Shes taller then Artemis
      Has a scythe (Her father Cronus’s scythe)
      Brown wooden handle with a shiny and scratched iron blade
      (I’ll link some drawings for her hair)

      Base Health: 12,000
      Base Attack: 230

      Abilities: (I chose ones that I thought were best, or I made some)
      1) Fathers Blade: Scythes damage goes up by 5% for a certain amount of time
      2) Summon Dryads: Summons group of 5-20 Dryads to fight for her. Health and damage do not change no matter the level.
      Health: 100
      Attack: 25
      They are pretty weak, but they are also just a distraction unit. (Saw this on a different thread)
      3) Harvest: Scythe grows significantly larger, damage boosts and all damage dealt turns into health for all friendly troops and gods.
      Alliance power: Pack of Dryads
      Summons pack of Dryads (stats don’t change)
      Health: 100
      Attack: 25

      Enviorment: Wheat field: Boosts all things related to Demeter and recharge speed of her dryads if you are on defense

      Let me know if you want to change anything
      The hair style I envisioned
      this thing might post twice idk

      Can this image help you?
      Click image for larger version

Name:	dea-greca-della-demetra-da-mitologia-antica-carattere-femminile-132688936.jpg
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      Attack Speed ​​and Speed: The attack speed would be equal to the other goddesses and I was thinking 1.1 seconds while the movement speed would be 19 if not lower.

      Basic Attack: Scythe Strike

      First power: Sickle Demeter would strike enemies and structures with her enhanced sickle. Graphically, the sickle remains the same size only that the blade lights up. Strength would increase by 5% (as Mateius suggested). In my opinion, however, 6% could be the starting point at the first level and at each level it could increase by 0.2. At the second level the increase would be 8.2%, at the third 8.4% and so on for a maximum of 20% increase while the surface damage would start from a base 15 and would increase by 10 at each level. The duration would start at 8 seconds with an increment of 0.1 second at each level. The area and the recharge would remain fixed, i.e. 400 of area and 20 seconds of recharge, respectively.

      To date there is no divinity that reduces the influences of different environments and I thought, if Demeter did it? She is the goddess of the seasons roughly and could be a third party to help reduce some of the environmental influences.

      I thought.

      Third Power: Change of Season. It could be a power that cancels or reduces the upgrades of the environment selected by the enemy. It would last no more than 20 seconds at maximum level, i.e. it would start at 5 seconds and increase by 0.2 seconds at level.

      In this way you could use Demeter both in the initial group of gods, immediately playing the third power and act as if the environment did not affect the city at all (it would still be a few seconds in games that can last up to 5 minutes), or exploit it in the cities more armored and reduce the effects of the environment when few gods are missing and they are with reduced health.

      At this point the third power proposed, that of collecting vital energy from enemy units, could become a second power that acts only on the troops and not on the structures. It has an action like Zeus' lightning bolt where the number of transformed troops increases as each level increases. You could start from 5 to increase by 1 unit every two levels

      Home and power: Farm type with dark green roof (darker than Artemis green) and a small cornfield next to it. It may increase the Production Unit value or the Maximum Troop Production of barracks and shooting ranges (excluding troop generating monuments and Spartan academies). I've read about this idea from @Unspeakable1 and I think it's brilliant.

      Temple: Perhaps it would be ideal to make it circulate, a cross between that of Hera and that of Aphrodite with many ears of corn on the steps and at the feet of the goddess. When a temple is destroyed (and the temple of Demeter is standing), the deities adjacent to the temple take a slowdown as damage. It could start at 0.2% and increase by 0.05 at each temple level. To date there is no temple that, damaged, slows down the enemy advance and could be a passive power of Demeter (for the temple of Hephaestus I think it is more suitable to increase the production speed of the troops unlike Hermes which increases the speed movement of troops and not their production).

      Environment: Corn's field with a slight increase in the ability of the houses (thus increasing the maximum production of troops or the number of troops).

      Monument: the base would be occupied by a small field of wheat and the vertical structure could be very similar to that of a silos, with columns or side bands of dark green color, for the storage of grain. The symbol of Demeter above the monument could be the ear of corn or the sickle. Its power could be to steal energy from nearby troops and gods by slowing their movement. The monument recharges every 5 seconds. Its area of ​​action would be fixed at 1000, which could be increased with the houses of Zeus and Artemis. Health would be affected by the houses of Athena and Zeus while the strength by those of Zeus and Ares.

      Alliance help: A miniature second power. A small group of enemy units would be slowed and the slowdown time is determined by the strength of the alliance member being assisted.