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  • New Gods Ideas!

    Hey guys!
    I come up with some new ideas of gods.
    However I know that someone already has thought of Hephaestus, so I don't claim that I'm the first one, only going to introduce my concept to you.

    At first
    Hephaestus is god of fire, forges and blacksmiths.

    I thought that his apparence might be:
    Darker skin, as he's working with fire he might get that tone of skin. Also using hammers and other forge stuff he has to have huge, muscular arms (thought of giving him the size of Ares muscles)
    He might have a beard in black color, and black eyes, that have small flames inside (not whole flame eyes like Ares has) and wear a forge like costume and sandals.

    For his abilities

    Flame Rage - Hephaestus shoots fire balls from his hands, that damage near buildings and small units.

    Hammer Destruction - Hephaestus summons a huge hummer and hits near buildings with it, making huge damage.

    Fire explosion
    Sets a huge fire on the selected building that keeps burning until the building is destroyed or the god is killed.

    Alliance power:
    As he can invent things, his alliance power might be summoning a trap, that a god attacking an ally will be trapped in for short amount of time.

    As he is the god of fire, his houses and temple might give us more resistance from Greek fire and fire blasts from another Hephaestus that will attack out city.

    Yeah, that's for he Hephaestus idea, and now lets go with anoher ones:

    Goddess of harvest, grains and the seasons.

    I didn't thought of her apparence so idk maybe somebody will create it.

    For her abilities:

    Plant Barricade - She summons plants that barricades the way units wanted to get to her, so she can attack the other buildings.

    Seasons Tornado - Creates a tornado of spring, summer, autumn and winter symbols (for example flowers, snow etc.) that deals huge damage to other units or buildings

    I didn't have any idea, maybe you can think of one?

    Alliance power:
    She can turn a place directed by you in to snow tornado, for short amount of time to damage the attacking gods.

    That's for the Olympus gods, but also I came up with an idea of adding Gods not having their throne at the Mount Olympus. But anyway they won't be as powerful as the Olympians. Thought of maybe adding other god shop, than the one we have to purchase them.

    Here they come:

    Hypnos, god of sleep.

    Idk why I thought of making him smaller than all others, and make him wear gray clothes.
    Also I don't have any powers prepared for him, but he might make units fall asleep for like five seconds, to stop them or something.

    Next is Hecate which I would like to look more dark. I imagined her in a purple suit, with hood on her face, casting charms like Aphrodite or something.

    And the last one - Triton, thought of making him muscular and with green skin. But I didn't thought of any role for this god, because we will have water god - Poseidon, so I don't know what should Triton do.

    So yeah, I wrote so much. I am sorry for any language issues but I'm actually polish and not know English that well.

    Thanks for reading ^^

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    Omg i forgot to mention, That i would like to also add Hestia, but I didn't invented any design or powers


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      Originally posted by MigtyWaver
      I didn't have any idea, maybe you can think of one?
      Sacred Law (Ultimate):
      For the duration of the effect, any attacking gods with their corresponding temples still standing will receive a bonus to strength and damage reduction. If the temple of any attacking god is destroyed that god loses the bonuses.

      This is to allow the attacking player to focus on towers and academies while ignoring temples to keep the effect active for longer.