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Hermes (and an idea that would allow you to introduce Poseidon)

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  • Hermes (and an idea that would allow you to introduce Poseidon)

    My idea for a new god would be Hermes. Since he is the messenger of the gods, he would likely be fast, right? Therefore introducing him to the game as a speed boost type wouldn't break theme.
    Temple of Hermes- provides increased speed to troops.
    House of Hermes- provides increased speed to adjacent defenses and to troops from spawners.
    (due to this likely being overpowered, I suggest that the upgrades to houses and temples should be the equivalent to the apollo temple and houses)
    This would also be an actual solution to the Athena draw and Robbin hood attacks instead of changing the focus of the troops. Let's say that this game was in real life and you were defending the city, do you really think that you could push through an army of skeletons and attacking units to reach the gods? The answer is no, you would have to fight through them... so in the next update, I hope to see less YOLO units, and more realistic defending lol..
    Hermes abilities,
    Ability 1- Hermes can walk and attack faster for a short amount of time. Cool down- 15 to 20 seconds.
    ability 2- teleport- allows Hermes to teleport to another spot within a given area. cool down-25 to 30 seconds.
    ability 3- rejuvenate- will provide a speed boost to troops and gods within a small area for a short amount of time. The mechanics will work similar to inspiration, but once again, likely this will be overpowered so I suggest upgrades in small increments.
    This would also bring back the Rush/burst attack style to the game (which is something I and MANY others would love)

    You know how Clash of Clans has a sea shore and how they revived their entire game by using that to their advantage?? Well, if you were to add a sea shore (that could be reached through expanding) you could potentially do the same and introduce a type of sea warfare to the game along with Poseidon, maybe. I know it's a little "far fetched" and that it would likely be a long time before the likes of that would occur, but it's an idea that I provide your developers with confidence.

    If Aegis interactive ( which is who I was referring to throughout this) reads this, please let me know! (:

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    Hi Weaverine, thanks for the ideas! We are always actively working on new gods, so any and all suggestions are appreciated!



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      I actually quite like the idea of Hermes abilities for if/when he is released.
      It would make him more of a support god than an offensive one.

      My concern for his houses is that the mob of units already can be a bit OP, making them run faster would be quite a challenge.
      "Legion of Tartarus". They're so hot right now


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        Yes, and because of this I suggest that defense troops be reverted back to a more traditional, more realistic battle style like before, and instead use Hermes as a solution to the original problem. I think we can all agree that the troop targeting system is a little over focused on the gods.. lol.. I personally believe from experience and others reactions to the last update that this would be a gentle way to balance/approach the Robin Hood issue without destroying what's already there or upsetting the community. I love how this game gives us choices, especially with how we attack!(: but the last update limited the ways in which we attack which ruined the game for many players but I believe we can correct this and bring our community back to life again! Something simple as A speed boost based idea could potentially be the thing to bring us back to the good ol' days😁


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          Awesome suggestions Weaverine!

          I'd only change Hermes' Ultimate:

          Caduceus Fury: Hermes releases the Twin Snakes from his famous staff to wreck havoc on enemy troops. The snakes have a fast movement and attack speed but target troops only. (Perfect to deal with island bases where gods are often overwhelmed by troops =P)


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            Weaverine i like your suggestions. How do you know about the good ol days? Thought you are relatively low level for any player who was here back then. Alt identity perhaps?


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              Overkill That's hilarious! Be careful or you might start sounding paranoid. Probably in the same way modern man is aware of Ancient Greek culture, even low level players can research these very forums to learn about the good ol days.


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                Diablo lol not paranoid just starting up the rumor mill. Most people don't recite game history like that unless personally involved. What's your alt identity? Hahahaha


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                  Overkill , everyone past is different.. your past may be the beginning, and mine may be a few months ago.. hence, the good ol' days!(: also, when I said that I was pertaining to prior AI improvements.. Not sure if you were serious when you asked if I had an alt identity/ been around for awhile, but yes! I did in fact have a previous account! It was in the 80's around this time last year. (Now I currently have 4 small accounts) But unfortunate events took place and I permanently lost that account. I was so mad I didn't start a new one until a few months later lol.. hope this answers your questions! I should be in the top 20 rn tbh.. but that's okay, bc my new account will be top 100 within the year(: and top 20 in maybe 2 years? I'd say.. maybe sooner if I decide to attack 100+ times a day like I did on my previous account. sorry about the late reply, haven't been on forums for a awhile.


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                    Should you be able to have the account recalled? It would strange if that is not possible