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  • New update : A NEW GOD AND A NEW WAY TO HELP

    Hi guys it's me Hercules I have another idea , about a god this Abbbility you guys ( DEVELOPERS ) can use this abbillty for any of your creations

    Here's the idea ;

    I would like to call this ABILITY DEFENCE SUUMMONER ( But you guys can change the name of you like ) , It's when you press the button 1 st ,2nd ,3rd any one ( It depends on the developers choice ) And then a defence pops up where your God is (The God that the developers choose) and that defence can be

    1. Cyclops,Greek fire tower, BALLISA , Arrow men , Or Archimedes tower . You guys can make it change e.g , When you press it the first time a Greek fire tower will pop up first, Then the Fire tower ,Clyclops ,Archimedes ,BALLISA so basically the defences will just switch around OR ;

    2. You guys can make a new Defence and you can only use it With the God e.g ( Cannon,Bomb tower etc )
    And if my idea works for Helping ABBILITY it will be very use full because :

    1) If you are defending a member or yourself and they drop Artemis and shoot one of your houses or defence and they are about to drop HERA OR ATHENA THERE lol , You can use the new gods ABBILITY as to put a new defence there it the space ! (You know Ares ABBILITY is ACOLYPES AND ZUES IS ZAP ) The way in how this helps it that they can't do the BOOM-COMBO

    2) So about this God ABBILITY you can summons the NEW defence ( CANNONS, BOMB TOWER ) Or just the "Old " Defences ( ARROW MEN, GREEK FIRE TOWRE )

    And that's it. That's my idea I hope you like it

    Oops I forgot it's monument and house :

    Monument : Put your defences Beside this monument . The new monument can make your defences HEALTH AND STRENGHT DOULBLE !

    House : It can make your defences Health and strenght To level 30
    Last edited by Hercules; March 3rd, 2017, 10:51 AM.

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    I still say this was a good idea 😐😡😢