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Made Requirement higher and then back, but does not seem the same.

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  • Made Requirement higher and then back, but does not seem the same.

    Our alliance is usually at 100 members or thereabouts, with a basic policy to drop members who do not assist for more than 10 days. Recently, in order to raise the skill level of the alliance overall, the Requirements was moved up from 1000. Over the next few days (was it a week?), Membership dropped to under 80. So it was changed back to 1000. However, the numbers are still under 80.

    Did changing the requirements have some other effect too?

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    Happened to me many years ago when I was in a smaller alliance. Your clan was getting by bc it was high on the list/on the first page of 'active' alliances recommended to players seeking to join an alliance. This list is seemingly based on the frequently that ppl join your clan. When you raised the requirements, new players seeking an alliance couldn't join your clan due to new trophy requirements...and your clan slowly fell lower on that list bc the frequency of new joins slowed. Once you're lower on that list, it's pretty hard to climb back to where you originally were.


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      Sounds like a decent explanation. I wonder, maybe they should rid themselves of requirements for a time to raise higher on that list.


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        If you aren't a top 100 alliance or high on that "recommended list" then ppl have to specifically type in/search for that clan. Newer players tend to just join something thats recommended to them. Adjusting your trophies at this point probably won't have the effect your looking for if you've already fallen off that recommended least it didn't for the clan I was in a long time ago. Good luck though, hope it works for you.


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          What about leaving and rejoing numerous times? Would that help?

          I just tried that like 10-15 times, in batches of 5-6 times each.


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            Our alliance is having the same trouble. Very few new joins since the requirements were changed accidentally.

            Would it be possible to limit the ability to change the requirements to only the leader? Perhaps on an upcoming update.

            This may help other alliances from suffering the same fate.

            If that isn't possible maybe you could add a button called "Alliance Self Destruct" and have it change the alliance requirements ; )