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  • Seeking Active Alliance

    Hi I'm looking for an alliance that is active and has a bit of game chat.
    I played quite a few years ago and got to level 74 (I think). I've started again and I'm level 35 with 1200+ trophies.
    I've some experience (no normal troops if Aphro is up, protect the gods etc) but I'm a bit lost with the underworld addition.

    Anyone out there with an active chatty alliance willing to take a risk on a semi-noob?
    thanks x

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    You might want t check if Octopus2.0 is to your liking. Lot's of turnaround with newbies that drop, but some veterans that are helpful. The chat is dead sometimes, active at other times. So, i might suggest you check it out and see if it is to your liking.


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      I suggest One God, it's very pleasant alliance. Full of mature and active people, and I had tons of fun there during my stay. Give it a visit.


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        Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out