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    Originally posted by Unspeakable1 View Post
    As a means of correcting Alliance inactivity, I'd offer a more subtle approach. In the Alliance leaderboard, list members in order of assist count rather than by trophy, highest to lowest. You can still keep Leader at the top if ya like, but that way, literally EVERYONE feels the weight of their assists. I'm vain, so seeing a player 1/2 my level higher than me on the list would definitely motivate me more. Not to mention, IF there were a reduction in Alliance members, it should be those who haven't contributed as much... In my opinion anyways.
    Hey, high level player might not mean powerful. And vice versa. Once, when I was level five, I invaded a level 45 city, and won. Of course, I'm pretty sure I could beat any level 45 city, now (I'm level 69). And I don't think any level 45 can beat my base. Also, if there was a map on where your base was, for the entire game, that would be great. And, if your members could build a huge fort, and enemies can invade it, that is what I would like for alliance wars. Also, WITHOUT DIVINE INTERFERENCE. Just some soldiers from your academies and archery ranges (including spartan academies).