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  • Alliance Leaderboard Trophies

    From Amethyst's FAQ long ago in a galaxy far far away..
    "• Alliance rankings are calculated based on a weighted percentage of each member's trophies. The top 10 players in the alliance contribute a higher percentage of their trophies than the next 10, and so on. The lower half of players will have a minimal effect on overall alliance trophies."

    Can you confirm the details of this again please? with actual details to replace the "and so on". Trying to calculate our number.

    Thanks very much!
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    Drea, I will leave you a response even if no one else will. Lol, I’m sure I can find this info for you. I got guy. But I’m more curious as to why you need this info for. Hmmm


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      Players ranked from 1 to 10 (leader included) 50 % of trophies are taken into account
      players from 11 to 20 35 %
      from 21 to 30 20 %
      From 31 to 40 10 %
      From 41 to 100 5 %

      The thing i dont know is : now that there are 3 clans leaderboards and only 1 inside each alliance what ranking is used for the calculation ?