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I feel honored !

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  • I feel honored !

    I don't really get into the inner circle of gaming. I just like playing.
    I'm an average player and much better at assisting than attacking (I enjoy it more).
    My alliance has very few players above level 100 (currently I'm @ 99) higher level players don't attack our alliance very often. I hang around waiting to defend others from attacks...sometimes for hours. Assisting is my
    Today one of our highest level players was attacked by a high level player that is in the same alliance with "The Kiddie" .
    The Kiddie (the guy that makes the tutorial videos) and SIXTEEN OTHER PLAYERS assisted this attacker.
    I was the only one there to witness the slaughter! My defence was nearly meaningless.
    I've never seen that many people assisting. (The most I've seen is like 10)
    Such coordination, such conviction...what a team.
    Sure wish I could find such an alliance to join...but I doubt I'm serious enough to make the cut.
    I do feel honored to have the chance to play against high caliber players.
    Maybe before long, I'll be high level, too.

    Cheers !

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    Iā€™m sure before long you will find a great alliance to be in. I also prefer to assist over attacking. If you are to small to join them maybe find the leader of the alliance or a member from here and PM them if they can lower the trophies needed to join. Good luck šŸ˜Š
    A fun,active alliance Genesis šŸ˜Š Try us out


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      Hi Dillydilly,

      If you are over 18 you are welcome to come visit us at First World Problems. We are number 7 on the leaderboard today and 5000 trophy requirement, but yes you can shoot me a note and I can drop it for you if you aren't there yet.

      FYI when Kiddie does a stream the hosting alliance usually shows up gangbusters so getting 12+ assisters isn't a normal occurrence on a non-streaming day unless someone requests revenge help or something.

      and hi Sweetmai!


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        Glad to have such a friendly response.
        I appreciate the offer. Will look into it.
        way over 18...BTW..LOL
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