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Join Loyal Goyales today! :-)

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  • Join Loyal Goyales today! :-)

    My teammates and I from alliance Gargoyles created the new alliance Loyal Goyales over a year ago as the owner of Gargoyles was inactive for months. We have many active daily members and support each other in defense, offense and have great camaraderie. We currently have round 50 members.

    If you will please consider joining our team! We are a fun bunch. Thanks!

    As a side note, I wonder how the alliances list pulls up for people. A couple weeks after we started Loyal Goyales we had maybe 30 members who moved from the previous alliance then all of a sudden we'd get maybe 10 new people EACH DAY! We were quickly at 100 members. It was awesome, but short lived. That huge influx of members has not happened since and I would love to know how it happened in the first place and how to recreate that. Today we might get one or two new people a day or so.

    I love my alliance and want to see us thrive and succeed, even more, which includes filling up our ranks with additional fun and active people..

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    Good luck !!! I do wish there was a better way to recruit too..
    A fun,active alliance Genesis 😊 Try us out


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      Originally posted by Sweetmai View Post
      Good luck !!! I do wish there was a better way to recruit too..
      Thanks! Good luck to you too.